High Quality Luxury African Tents In Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, And Sydney


Since 1996, Canvas & Tent has been supplying Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the entire Pacific region with high quality, durable, luxury African tents. The company is the only distributor of such tents, which are manufactured in South Africa. Customers can shop for these luxury African tents in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, or Sydney via the company’s website. These so-called tents are more like houses and have a wide variety of applications including lodging at resorts, retreats, and campgrounds.

Gorgeous African Tents In Melbourne

Luxury tents from Canvas & Tent are made of ultra-durable heavyweight canvas and come with a steel roof frame. All structures manufactured by the company are built to withstand winds of up to 80+ kph. The company continues to work on new designs each and every year and has, in fact, bought out a new design in each year since 2003. Customers will not find another manufacturer of African tents in Perth or anywhere that use a steel frame. Canvas & Tent takes great pride in having developed what they believe are the best luxury tents on the market.

African tents for Sydney or Brisbane locations, for example, can take advantage of the ease in which the company’s structures can be put up and taken down. In certain areas, monsoon areas for example, this can be a huge benefit. Some areas may only put up structures like these for a portion of the year. Easy assembly and disassembly is a bonus for such areas. The tents can be stored safely for part of the year which will also increase their lifespan.

Why Choose Canvas & Tent

The luxury structures produced by Canvas & Tent are perfect for resorts and retreats. The cabin tents are more like houses with their steel roof and are built to withstand the harshest of conditions. Customers who have either purchased or stayed in one of the company’s structures absolutely love them. It is a unique experience that no other dwelling can duplicate. Staying in one of Canvas & Tent’s structures is as close to staying in a house as you can get.

Maintenance of these tents is very easy. No expensive materials or chemicals need to be purchased in order to clean the canvas. Maintenance consists of just regular washing of the canvas. This should be done on a periodic basis or they may lose some of their durability. Structures that the company put up nearly twelve years ago in the harsh Australian environment are still standing with only washing every so often being performed. This shows customers the durability of the canvas used to make these luxury facilities.

Customers are encouraged to have some sort of base on which to put the structure. A small wooden deck or even a concrete slab will suffice. Tents come in a variety of sizes and can be altered with minimal modification. Resorts, for example, can also have their own design manufactured. The order may take longer to process, but the end result is a custom luxury dwelling that will not be found anywhere else.