Find The Best In Cabin Tents In Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Or Brisbane At Canvas & Tent


Canvas & Tent Australia (CTA) is the premier provider luxury cabin tents in Melbourne and other regional centres in the nation including Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney. Our company is the only distributor of such structures in Australia. For almost 20 years, CTA in conjunction with Luxury Tents Australia, has supplied cabin tents to locations throughout not only Australia, but also New Zealand, Fiji, Noumea, and countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The company is expanding worldwide with a product that is truly unique.

How To Get Cabin Tents In Brisbane

Customers looking for luxury cabin tents in Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia or worldwide can easily find what they are looking for by going directly to the company’s website, Customers will find a wide variety of models from which to choose including gable tents and high peak tents. Sizes will vary according to which type of structure a customer desires. CTA builds such a variety of structures that there is surely one for any application.

Customers can place orders via the website. They can order any number of tents and can choose from the designs on the website, or they may modify a design. There is also the capability to custom design your own structure and have it manufactured at our plant in South Africa. Once the design is approved, the manufacturing process begins.

Your Choice For Luxury Resort Cabins

Canvas & Tent Australia is the choice for resort-like cabin tents in Perth for a variety of reasons. Many are very luxurious and resemble a small house. They make the perfect home away from home while staying at a resort location. Not only do these cabins offer wonderful accommodations, they are easy to put up and take down. Take the Serengeti tent as an example. It comes with a steel frame, body poles, canvas body, and a variety of other components that make it stand up. It can be put up in a matter of hours and taken down just as quickly.

Maintenance and lifetime are two other reasons why CTA is the choice for cabin tents. If taken care of properly, our tents can last a lifetime. The maintenance for our products is pretty easy. Since our structures are made of canvas, they only need to be washed regularly. There are no special substances needed to clean them. Periodic washing will ensure that the canvas stays sturdy and durable. In fact, there are tents made by our company that were put up 12 years ago that are still standing today due to periodic maintenance.

The tents manufactured by Canvas & Tent Australia are built to withstand harsh conditions. All of our products are engineered to withstand high winds of 80 kilometres per hour and higher. You will not find another product like ours that is built with a steel roof frame. It is what makes our product better than any competitor. For more information regarding luxury cabin tents, visit the Canvas & Tent Australia website today.