Eco Tents In Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, And Sydney From CTA Perfect For Environmentally Sensitive Areas


For flexibility in eco tents for Brisbane locations, the expert to turn to is Canvas & Tent Australia (CTA). The long-time manufacturer of canvas cabins and villas is Australia’s only distributor of such products. Since 1996, the company has been catering to not only Brisbane, but Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, New Zealand, and the islands of Fiji and Noumena. Because of its success and superior products, the company has been expanding into the Pacific region and now caters to customers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Eco Tents In Melbourne For A Variety Of Applications

Canvas & Tent Australia makes a variety of products and its canvas tents are a popular choice for eco-tourism. The structures are temporary and can be moved from time to time with minimal effort. Most of the company’s tents can be set up or torn down in a matter of a few hours. What separates CTA structures from others on the market is the steel roof frame. Customers will not find another canvas cabin or villa that has a steel roof frame. The heavy duty canvas and steel roof frame make CTA structures very durable.

Choose Canvas & Tent Cabins

The structures made by CTA are constructed of heavy duty rip stop canvas which is treated with ultraviolet protection. The canvas is mold-, rot-, and water proof. The only maintenance necessary is a periodic washing. If regular washing is done, the lifespan of the product will increase. There are CTA customers today who put up canvas cabins 12 years ago that are still standing. These structures were well maintained and will continue to stand for many more years.

Eco tents in Perth come in a variety of styles and models. Some will have kitchens and bathrooms; others may have different features. Customers can go to the company’s website, and see all of the models available. Customers can choose from these canvas structures, or they can modify an existing cabin. They can also create their own design to be manufactured by the company.

Canvas & Tent canvas eco tents for Sydney locations are appropriate because of the severity of weather and the change of seasons. The products manufactured by CTA are engineered to withstand the severe weather of Australia and other areas located in the tropics. CTA cabins are typically used at resorts and retreats located near coasts or on islands that are subject to some severe weather. Canvas tents from CTA can stand up to 80-plus kilometre per hour winds.

Eco tents by CTA are built to last a lifetime. The life of these structures can be increased by proper maintenance, as mentioned previously. Periodic washing of the canvas will increase the lifetime of one of CTA’s products. In areas where there is a monsoon season, for example, CTA’s canvas cabins can be taken down rather easily and stored away until the next season. This also increases the lifespan of these beautiful canvas structures.