Luxury House Tents For Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne Resort Locations


Resort areas in the Pacific can find luxury house tents for Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney locations at Canvas & Tent. The Australian company is the only distributor of ultra-luxurious canvas villas in the country. People who have been to various island resorts, for example, may have stayed in one of the company’s many different luxury house tents. Those who have stayed in them as customers continue to rave about these structures. They offer unique luxury accommodations for visitors and guests at a resort or retreat.

Quality Luxury House Tents in Perth Are Easy To Set Up

Canvas & Tent produces high-quality luxury house tents for Melbourne resorts that are very easy to set up. These resort areas will often have several structures that may or may not stay up year-round. The Serengeti Surfari Tent, for example, takes approximately three hours to erect, and it can be taken down just as quickly. In areas where these luxury cabins are not needed for part of the year, resorts can take them down and store them away until the following season. Taking them down and storing them will allow the luxury tent to last longer.

Another advantage of the easy set-up is related to relocation. If one of the houses is located in a troubled area, it can easily be taken down, moved, and set up somewhere else. Also, consider the number of cyclones and other severe weather that resorts in the Pacific may face. With enough warning, luxury house tents at a Sydney resort could be taken down and stored before any damage is done.

Canvas & Tent Is the Choice for Luxury Canvas Villas

Since 1999, Canvas & Tent has been providing quality canvas house tents that are more house than they are tent. The company’s products are different than others on the market. It is believed that Canvas & Tent villas and cabins are the only ones manufactured in the world with a steel roof frame. The frame provides a durability that the typical tent structure does not possess. Add the frame to the heavy duty rip stop canvas, and you have a very durable, yet luxurious dwelling.

Customers from Brisbane to the Americas enjoy the ability to choose from a wide range of products at Canvas & Tent. Customers can shop the company’s website,, and see the variety of structures that are available. There is flexibility as well as customers can modify an existing design to fit their needs. If necessary, a customer can even design his or her own luxury tent, and the company will manufacture it to their specifications. If desired, there are even models that can include bathrooms.

All tents can be insulated if necessary for areas that may experience some cold nights. The canvas villas can even stand up to snow. All of the company’s structures are engineered to withstand high winds of up to 80 kilometres per hour and higher. Canvas & Tent continues to improve upon its products, too. Each year since 2003, the company has bought out a new design.