Looking For Luxury Tents in Brisbane? Find Them for Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney Locations Too At Canvas & Tent


If you are looking for luxury tents in Brisbane, you will find them at Canvas & Tent. These types of dwellings are more commonly found in resort or retreat areas, campgrounds, as well as other locations. Canvas & Tent Australia (CTA) is the only distributor in the nation of such tented accommodations. The company has had so much success that its operation has expanded to include New Zealand, Fiji, and Noumea. With the company’s expansion efforts, its products now reach Asia, Europe, and even the Americas.

Canvas & Tent Is the Supplier of Luxury Tents in Melbourne

Canvas & Tent offers a unique product that is different from those of competitors. The luxury tents in Sydney resorts designed by the company are the only types of dwellings that have a steel roof frame. The frame is part of what makes the company’s structures so durable. The exterior is crafted from heavy duty rip stop canvas. These luxury cabins are engineered so that they can stand up to high winds of 80 kilometres per hour and higher. They will stand up to severe storms, cyclones, and just about anything that the harsh Australian environment can throw at them.

The accommodations are amazing, and there are several models from which to choose. Customers can identify their preferences by checking out the company’s website, www.canvasandtent.com. The tents, which are more like houses, can be modified to include all sorts of things including staples, like a bathroom and more. Customers can choose one of the company’s designs, modify one of those designs, or even choose to come up with their own. Once a customer design is approved, Canvas & Tent will manufacture it according to the customer’s specifications.

Why Canvas & Tent is the Premier Choice for Luxury Tents

Canvas & Tent supplies luxury tents to Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne resort locations that wish to provide their guests with more upscale accommodations. These cabins and villas are very easy to set up, which is one of the advantages to using them. The time to set up a tent is based upon the model. Different models come in different sizes that may take longer to set up, but in general the luxury tents produced by Canvas & Tent can be set up in a few hours. Likewise, they can be taken down just as quickly.

This is a great feature for a location in Perth, for instance, which is subject to seasonal weather. If the dwelling is not necessary for part of the year, it can be dismantled and stored until the next season. This is an advantage particularly for monsoon areas. Storing the luxury tents will also increase the lifespan of them. The quick setup and tear down is also useful for impending severe weather. With enough notice, the structure could be taken down and stored before any damage is done. Once the storm has past, the dwelling can be put back up. It is one of the many reasons why more and more customers are choosing Canvas & Tent.