Searching For Permanent Tents in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane? Find the Experts at Canvas & Tent


If your location is looking for permanent tents for a Brisbane location, the experts at Canvas & Tent can help. The Australian company is the only of its kind supplying a unique form of accommodation throughout Australia, New Zealand, and some of the Pacific Islands. Because of the success of the company and its products, it is beginning to expand to other areas of the world including countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Canvas & Tent has been in operation since 1996 and is the only distributor of luxury canvas tents in Australia.

Permanent Tents for Melbourne Resort Areas

Canvas & Tent makes permanent tents for Perth venues such as campgrounds, retreats, and more. The company serves not only Perth, but also Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and every other city across Australia. The company has been in operation since 1996 supplying upscale luxury accommodations for a variety of applications. Resorts particularly like the dwellings of Canvas & Tent for a variety of reasons. Durability is one.

The structures made by Canvas & Tent are all engineered to withstand severe weather conditions. Many of the company’s products will be used in tropical areas. These areas are known for their severe weather. All of the permanent tents made by the company can stand up to winds as high as 80 kilometres per hour and higher. These are the only tents in the world that are built with a steel roof frame. The frame, along with the heavy duty canvas, makes these structures very durable even in the harsh environments in which they are used.

Why Choose Canvas & Tent

Customers have been choosing, and will continue to choose, Canvas &Tent for their permanent tents in Sydney and elsewhere for a few reasons. Durability, of course, is one of those reasons. Maintenance is another. Proper maintenance of these structures, which is very easy, is also a key to their durability. All that is necessary is a regular washing of the canvas. If this is done periodically, the canvas cabins can last a lifetime.

Another reason customers choose Canvas & Tent is the ease of set up. Depending upon the model, most of the luxury tents can be set up in a matter of hours. They can be taken down just as quickly. This is an important feature for many resorts and campgrounds. For areas that do not require accommodations all year long, the cabins can be taken down and stored away until the next season. Storing them for a period of time each year will also increase their lifespan.

The flexibility of being able to take down a villa quickly can also allow a resort area to dismantle in the case of an approaching severe storm. The tents can be taken down, stored away, and then put up again when the weather passes. This flexibility is another benefit of using luxury house tents from Canvas & Tent.

Even though these tents can stay up year-round, they are not technically permanent structures. As a result, they do not require any building or other types of permit. This is yet another reason customers enjoy products from Canvas & Tent.