Canvas Safari Tents in Brisbane Are Also a Popular Choice in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth Locations


Canvas safari tents are a popular choice among resorts, campgrounds, and retreats as accommodations for guests. The more upscale dwellings offer a unique atmosphere and a more luxurious stay in at resorts in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. Canvas & Tent is the lone distributor of ultra-luxurious, durable canvas dwellings in Australia. Since 1996, the company has been supplying these unique structures to not only Australia, but also to other areas of the Pacific, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Why Safari Tents in Perth Should be from Canvas & Tent

There is not a more durable tent on the market than one from Canvas & Tent. Other such structures do not use the same steel roof frame. This frame is part of what make safari tents from Canvas & Tent so durable. The body of these cabins or villas is made of heavy duty rip stop canvas which can withstand the harshest of weather. All of the safari tents for Sydney area resorts, as well as others, are engineered to withstand severe weather including high winds of 80 kilometres per hour and higher.

Durability is one of the key reasons customers continue to choose structures built by Canvas & Tent. Another is the easy maintenance. Maintaining these dwellings is pretty simple and will improve their lifespan. All that is needed for maintaining one of these luxury tents is a periodic washing. There are no fancy cleaners or chemicals necessary, just a regular washing of the canvas. By doing so, customers will ensure that their product can last a lifetime.

Flexibility with Canvas & Tent Dwellings

Safari tents at a Brisbane resort from Canvas & Tent can be moved very easily. The set-up of the Serengeti Surfari Tent, for instance, takes just a few hours. Should one need to be moved to a new location, it can be torn down and set up at its new location relatively quickly. This is also convenient in the case of a severe storm. With enough notice, a canvas villa could be taken down and stored away before any damage is done to it. It can then go back up once the severe weather has passed.

Safari tents at a Melbourne area campground or retreat will also benefit from the flexibility of being able to be taken down and stored away for part of the year. For locations that do not need accommodations year-round, the luxury tents of Canvas & Tent can be dismantled and stored away until the following season. This will increase the tents’ lifespan.

Customers have the option of choosing from existing designs of which there are plenty. The company works very hard on improving designs based upon customer feedback. There is also the ability to modify an existing design or even come up with an original. Once an original design has been approved, Canvas & Tent can begin its manufacture and supply a custom made canvas dwelling.