The Serengeti


Mineret,  New Zealand

Serengeti Winter Canvas Tent

Serengeti Summer Canvas Tent    Serengeti Winter Canvas Tent

Serengeti Summer Canvas Tent

Tanja Lagoon Camp, NSW - Australia

Tanja Lagoon Canvas Tent

Tanja Lagoon Canvas Tent Drawing Room  Tanja Lagoon Canvas Tent Bed Room

Tanja Lagoon Canvas Tent Wash Room  Tanja Lagoon Canvas Tent
Visit the Tanja Lagoon Camp website here.

Darlington Beach NSW - Australia

Darlington Beach NSW

Darlington Beach Canvas & Tent Interior   Darlington Beach Canvas & Tent Interior

Darlington Beach birtroom Interior   Darlington Beach birtroom Interior

Canvas & Tent Exterior   Ssafari Tent Interior

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Hastings Point, NSW - Australia

Serengeti Canvas Tent Serengeti Canvas Tent Iterior

Tent Lodges - France

Serengeti Canvas Tent Lodges Serengeti Canvas Tent Lodges Bed Room Serengeti Canvas Tent Lodges Drawing Room Serengeti Canvas Tent Lodges Dinning Room Serengeti Canvas Tent Lodges

Surfari Tent - Tahiti

Serengeti Surfari Canvas Tent Interior Serengeti Surfari Canvas Tent

As it only takes a few hours to erect the Serengeti Safari Tent, it can therefore be pulled down just as quickly.
This is an enormous advantage when accommodation is only needed for part of the year (e.g. monsoon areas) as tents can be stored safely thereby increasing their life span. With the warning period given for potential cyclones/hurricanes it is also possible to dismantle the tents and store them in a safe place before any damage is done. A further advantage of this flexibility would be the possible relocation of tents to a different site if circumstances were to change rendering the current site unsuitable. Examples of this include an access road being changed, or erosion interfering with the current site, or wanting to limit the environmental impact on a given area.

Darwin - Australia

Serengeti DarwinCanvas Tent Serengeti Darwin Canvas Tent
Serengeti Darwin Canvas Tent Bed Room with Attached Wash Room

Noumea - New Caledonia

Serengeti Noumea Canvas Tent  Serengeti Noumea Canvas Tent Camp

Serengeti Noumea Canvas Tent Swimming Pool




Serengeti Germany Canvas Tent Camp 

Michigan, USA

Canvas Tent Camp Serengeti MichiganCanvas Tent Camp Serengeti Michigan

The flexibility that these tents offer enables any market to be catered for with minimal modification.
The basic model can be erected just for accommodation as long as there are communal ablutions. As and when the market may dictate private bathrooms can be added with minimal disturbance to the existing structure. Private or communal kitchens can also be added at any stage that compliment the accommodation.

Power can be supplied to each individual tent by a small photovoltaic solar system if mains power is unavailable.
If mains power is however available it is simply a matter of reticulating power to the site and then using power cords to connect all lighting, there is no need for any complex and expensive electrical wiring. Wall mounted air conditioning units can be installed through a closable port included at the time of manufacturing the tent (optional extra), though it is best to duct the air through the floor.

As the main structure is classed as a temporary structure as opposed to a non removable permanent one, there should be no complicated & expensive building approvals to be gained provided the decking is no higher than 3 feet. However councils may vary and rules may change.


If developers choose to cater to a higher market, bathrooms can be built on to the back of the tent
There are many alternatives of design when considering this option. One extremely effective and inexpensive option is to use any local product for the construction of walls. This could be stones, reeds or bush timber. These products are obviously easily accessible as they are on site and they lend a local feel to each individual camp, allowing the structures to be even less obtrusive and particularly aesthetic at the same time. If the tents are to be setup on timber floors or concrete plinths then those structures can be continued through to cater for the bathrooms at minimal cost. The roof structure, i.e. shade cloth and fly, are already long enough to cater for a bathroom, as the tent, which hangs under the roof structure, can be moved back or forward to vary the length of the verandah shading.

Canvas Tent Camp Bathroom Serengeti Canvas Tent Camp Bathroom Serengeti
Canvas Tent Camp Bathroom Serengeti

As can be seen from the above information, these tents are ideally suited for Homes, Retreats, Resorts and Eco tourism operations in environmentally sensitive areas.
There is definitely a low impact on the environment during and after the construction stage, with the finished tent fitting aesthetically into the environment.

The finished product would allow a unique concept that is perfectly suited to almost any environment whether it be desert, tropical rainforest or coastal dunes. On top of that the tents are relatively inexpensive, environmentally sensitive and above all extremely comfortable and elegant.

The Serengeti tent Includes: Galvanized or Stainless steel frame, rain fly, shade fly, body poles, canvas body with standard windows and doors, square tubing and setup instructions.
Excludes: Decking, interiors, plumbing, electrical etc.

Other Serengeti options
Canvas bathroom walls and end gable
Bull denim roof and window curtains
Wooden front door – double/single

Kingscliff - NSW, Australia

Canvas Tent Camp Serengeti

Canvas Tent Camp Plan Serengeti

6 Leg Serengeti

 Serengeti Canvas Camp Front View  Serengeti Canvas Camp Side Elevation  Serengeti Canvas Camp Top View

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